When the elevator suddenly power failure or failure to stop running, trapped in the car passengers should do?

A: The passengers in the car should inform the elevator maintenance personnel, and patiently waiting for the elevator maintenance personnel to open the door release; as a result of abnormal stop ladder, the car may not be parked in the flat position, so do not claw the elevator door out, so as not to Causing the passenger fall accident. (Such as the elevator is not in the flat position, the maintenance staff will first move the car to the flat position, and then open the door release)

Elevator accident down quickly how to do?

A: When the elevator falls, you do not know when it will touch the ground, and the fall is likely to fracture the body to death. When you face this life and death line, the moment you do every action will determine your life and death or not. When the elevator falls to protect their best action:

First, regardless of a few floors of each floor as soon as the keys are pressed, the elevator can immediately stop to continue falling;

Second, if the elevator has a handle, a hand clutched hands. Fixed your location, so that it will not fall because of the center of gravity and instability;

Third, the entire back with the head close to the elevator wall, was a straight line, using the elevator wall as the protection of the spine;

Fourth, the knee was bent posture. Because the ligament is the only human body is rich in elastic tissue, so borrow the knee bending to bear the blow pressure, than with the bones to bear the pressure to large.

Take the elevator should pay attention to what matters?

A: when you enter, exit the car, to see whether the elevator in level position, especially when the night light is not clear, should be paid more attention to, otherwise it may cause damage; lift is public, should not carry flammable or corrosive goods; lift during the operation, do not squeeze by or tapping the elevator door, elevator to avoid misoperation and stop.

Elevator operation is not normal, how to do in the car?

A: When you take the elevator and found that the elevator speed or slow ladder speed, the car has abnormal coke burnt smell, abnormal vibration or shaking, scratch phenomenon, abnormal sound, should press the steering wheel on the Red emergency stop button, the elevator will automatically stop; and then notify the elevator maintenance staff, and wait for maintenance personnel to open the door release.

What happens to the elevator can complain?

A: When the elevator often close the folder people, uneven layer, hoisting, squatting, elevator driver or maintenance staff without a job card, the driver often off the car, the car without inspection certificate or certificate expired, abnormal noise or sound elevator, Abnormal vibration or jitter, car abnormal coke smell, elevator speed too fast or too slow, maintenance is not timely, the elevator car without communication or alarm devices, can be a complaint.

Can I take a fire escalator in case of fire?

A: No. Elevator with fire elevator function is designed for firefighters to quickly reach the fire floor; high-rise building fire, should be promptly evacuated through the fire channel, do not take the elevator.

What problems should I pay attention to when taking the escalator and moving sidewalk?

A: Do not let the child climb the armrest belt (both sides of the escalator slide running belt), so as not to cause crushing or falling accident; note clothing and escalator on both sides of the gap between the clamping, so as to avoid accidents. Elderly and children must take the escalator to take care of.